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Types of Properties: Luxury Homes and Single-family Homes

When you’re browsing the internet for St.Petersburg homes for sale, you’ll find many available types of residences including “luxury homes” and “single-family homes.” Knowing the qualities that distinguish one from the other will help you determine the kind of home that will fit your needs and wants.

Luxury Properties

The word “luxury” is already an indication of the kind of property you are researching. Luxury properties include over-the-top features and amenities you will not find in regular homes. These may include wine rooms, entertainment rooms, home gyms, spa bathrooms; top-of-the-line furnishings and fixtures, a sprawling lot, hi-tech features, and the like.

While there is no strict definition for what a luxury property is, all share common features.

  • Large spaces
    Luxury properties are spacious, both horizontally and vertically. If homes are more than one-story high, they feature multiple upstairs bedrooms. Single-story Ranch-types home sprawl across the property, with separate sections for living and private quarters. Some feature special rooms like a library, a study, and a salon.
  • Prime location
    Location is never more important than the area a luxury home is in. Elements that determine their prime location include:
    • Proximity to other luxury properties – Luxury homes are usually found in exclusive neighborhoods or gated subdivisions that cater specifically to those who can afford multimillion-dollar homes.
    • Accessibility of establishments and amenities – Again, location determines property value.
    • Situated on expansive land – Owning a large plot of land allows owners to expand their home and build amenities like pools, tennis courts, a showroom garage, or standalone guest cottages. This is an advantage a luxury buyer has over owning a condo.
    • Being near bodies of water – The serene location, the views, the fact that these prime locations are finite and cannot be expanded contribute to the luxury status of homes in these areas. Thus, luxury waterfront homes for sale in St. Petersburg, FL, for example, are highly coveted.

  • Extra privacy and security
    There are those who will pay a hefty price for added privacy – homes with high gates, large yards, and a surfeit of security cameras. They not only discourage intruders; they also contribute to the peace of mind of the homeowner.
  • Premier quality and amenities
    Aside from size and location, a luxury home can be distinguished by the quality of the materials used for interiors and for building the house itself. These include imported marble floors, crown molding, Venetian plaster, white oak or hardwood flooring, among many others.Appliances are also top-of-the-line, along with smart home technology like self-dimming bulbs or wireless door sensors. Green tech like a rooftop wind generator, solar power, or using reclaimed materials can now be found in luxury homes.

Single-family Homes

The most common residential property is the single-family home. A single-family home can be defined as “a structure maintained and used as a single dwelling unit.” This type of home also means:

  • No common walls
    Unlike condos or townhomes which have shared walls and spaces, single-family homes are stand-alone and detached. The property does not share a roof on a structure owned by a neighbor.
  • Private land
    It’s the parcel of land on which the home is built well as its immediate surroundings.
  • One owner
    A single-family home is intended for the use of a single person or family only. There is no shared ownership and everything from the yard to the master bedroom is owned by them.

Let us, Sun & Sand Real Estate, present you with several options, whether it is a single-family house or a luxury waterfront home in St. Petersburg, FL. We can help you find the right home to fit your individual needs. Call us today at (727) 412-3020 or send an email to Deb(at)Sun-Sand(dotted)com.

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