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Evaluate the Offer(s): Part 1


It can be an exciting and potentially emotional time to receive offers. My job is to present all offers to you. Prior to presenting an offer, I will find out as much information about the offer and potential buyer as I can legally. This will include: prequalification/pre-approval of the buyers, terms of purchase, and any contingencies.

Other than typical items like the home’s address, legal description, etc., an offer will contain the following:

  • Price – The price the buyer is willing to pay based on the market. Type of financing and down payment.
  • Terms – These are the items that the buyer is requesting as part of the purchase. These could be all appliances and window treatments convey. The examples could go on and on, but are really home specific.
  • Contingencies – These are the buyer’s conditions for terminating the deal. These could be financing, certain home inspection results, and time frame considerations.
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