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Choose the Sales Price


Often this is a very emotional step in the process. Sellers must understand that the housing market fluctuates often. Several economic factors go into a current home value: recent comparable sales, condition, location, loan interest rates, etc.

Establishing the market value and pricing the home fairly will ensure that interest from potential buyers is strong and your home sale will be smooth. The first 30 – 90 days will have the most activity if the home is priced correctly; we need to get it right from the start! This is where my expertise is valuable. Separate from emotion, I will help you price the home with the market in mind and help give you tips to get top dollar. 

Therefore, it is important to consider pricing the home at the market sales price at the time of listing. Should you decide to price your home higher than the market:

  • Buyer interest may wane
  • There may be limited interest
  • Buyers may think something is wrong with the home
  • Ultimately, your home’s days on market will be high and cause the home to become a stale listing
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